“I have been installing wall coverings for over 30 years and have recently had the privilege of working on a few of DeAnn's projects. I always enjoy Deanne's jobs. Her work is beautiful!”

Industry Professional

James Ostler, Ostler inc.

When I was looking to purchase a home in St. George, Utah, I was lucky to find a builder who was using DeAnn Thorley as his designer. I wanted to be involved in the design aspect of the home and I was able to do this with DeAnn's help. She had already done a lot of the design work already; I was happy that we were on the same pas as far as the contemporary feel of the home. DeAnn was easy to work with, reliable (I.e. returned phone calls, emails, meetings), has a wealth of knowledge, experience and connnections in every aspect of design. I would not hesitate to user her again or recommend her to anyone seeking help in designing a new home or remodeling an old one.

Client, New construction

Diane Evans

We hired DeAnn for multiple reasons. One of the most important reasons that mattered to us is that she is very knowledgeable bout all the design elements of the construction process. I am talking about things like bath or kitchen counters, tiling techniques, painting techniques all things that matter a lot in both the cost and the appearance of your project. Another element about Deann that we truly enjoy is that she is extremely communicative, and listens. She will let you make decisions and you are in the driver's seat if you would like. She does not need to have it her way but you feel safe that she will let you know if something is not right. She has been very reliable all the way and also as the need came up for us to be out of town during the building process for the last 3 months of construction, she as my eyes, looking it over and I trusted her that it would look exactly like we envisioned. I really enjoyed working with DeAnn and would recommend her service, no doubt.

Client, New Construction

Michael and Claire Heyman

We hired DeAnn after interviewing several decorators. She is knowledgeable, has many contacts, and works extremely well and efficiently with others. We not only did some remodeling to our home, but also furnished it. Her ability to ascertain our vision, and help us create a comfortable, beautiful home are just several of her talents. She is a kind, generous individual that I can now truly call me friend.

Client, Remodel

Dr. Donald and Cathy Parker

DeAnn is among the kindest and most genuine people I know. She is talented in guiding us through a beautiful goal. She listened carefully so the outcome of design matched our vision. DeAnn is extravagantly patient and was able to guide us in making difficult decisions. She works well with sub contractors and is particular in the quality of work. I am so thankful to have found DeAnn, who helped us design our custom home from the bottom up. We could not have done it without her, and we are forever grateful for our beautiful home.

Client, New Construction

Rich and Susie Chodroff